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Research Publications

Economic Letter
Provides timely commentary on the important trends and policy issues shaping our rapidly globalizing, increasingly interconnected economy.

Southwest Economy
Contains articles about economic conditions and business development in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, including agriculture, banking, energy, high-tech, manufacturing and international trade in this region.

empty Agricultural Survey
Surveys credit conditions facing farmers and provides data that reflect the overall health of the agricultural sector in the Eleventh District.

Staff Papers
In-depth analysis of current policy issues.

Annual Report
Contains a series of essays that explore economic issues as they relate to our increasingly globalized world. The reports also review the Bank's activities during the year, present financial statements and list directors and officers.

empty Crossroads
Economic insights from the El Paso Branch of the Dallas Fed, focusing on trade, energy, growth and other economic issues important to West Texas and New Mexico.

Academic Research

emptyResearch Department Working Papers
Working papers from the Dallas Fed Research Department are preliminary drafts circulated for professional comment. Selected papers are available online.

emptyGlobalization and Monetary Policy Institute Working Papers
Working papers from the Dallas Fed's Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute.

emptyAcademic Publications
A list of articles published by members of the Dallas Fed Research staff.

Special Reports

The Long-Awaited Housing Recovery
emptyU.S. housing markets experienced a notable boom and a painful bust in the past decade. Most recently, housing began its long-awaited recovery—the subject of this three-part report.

Gone to Texas: Immigration and the Transformation of the Texas EconomyPDF
emptyTexas benefits from having a large, diversified immigrant population but also faces several challenges to ensure its continued economic advancement. This special report provides a comprehensive portrait of Texas immigrants and examines economic issues related to surging immigration to Texas.

The Border Economy
empty The Texas border community is a complex blend of U.S. and Mexican cultures, languages and customs, with a dynamic economy that flourishes amid the diversity. This series of nine articles explores issues important to the region's economy—from job growth and wages to infrastructure demands, maquiladoras and illegal immigration.

The Face of Texas : Jobs, People, Business, Change
emptySeries of eight articles detailing changes in demographics, employment and industry that affect the evolving Texas economy.

Migration, Trade, and Development
emptyProceedings from the Dallas Fed conference in 2006 that examine the various dimensions in which trade and migration affect economic development, whether individually or jointly, through economic or political forces.

The Legacy of Milton and Rose Friedman’s Free to Choose:
Economic Liberalism at the Turn of the 21st Century

emptyProceedings of a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, October 2003

Quantitative Aggregate TheoryPDF
emptyNobel Prize lecture by Finn E. Kydland, winner of the 2004 Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Science & Cents: Exploring the Economics of Biotechnology
emptyThe recent rapid pace of discovery in life sciences raises a host of economic issues. These issues are addressed in papers presented at Dallas Fed conference on April 19, 2002.

China: Awakening Giant PDF
emptyChina is rapidly transforming itself into an industrial nation. This article charts China's progress over the past 25 years as this country of 1.3 billion begins to embrace market principles and flex its economic muscles.

China's ChurnPDF
emptyMarket forces have come to China, unleashing the wave of change associated with economic progress that economist Joseph Schumpeter referred to as "the churn." This report relates how privately operated businesses, a return of entrepreneurial spirit and improved living standards for many of its citizens are spreading across China.

Archived Publications

These publications are no longer published by the Dallas Fed. Selected issues are available online.


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