Economic Indicators
Texas Economic Indicators, June 22, 2015 image
Updated: June 22, 2015
The Texas economy modestly expanded, with employment growing at a 2.1 percent annual rate in May. Exports rose in April, and construction contract values surged in May. The Texas Leading Index ticked up in April for the first time since August 2014.
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Is the Worst Over? Regional Economy Sees Hopeful Signs
Updated: June 18, 2015
The Texas economy had a rough start in 2015, with a sharp deceleration in growth from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015.
Economic Indicators
Houston Economic Indicators, June 11, 2015 image
Updated: June 11, 2015
After five months of slowing from its October 2014 peak, the growth rate of the Houston Business-Cycle Index turned negative in April as the index contracted by an annualized 3.6 percent due to a very weak April employment report.
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Houston Economic Indicators, May 14, 2015 image
Updated: May 14, 2015
The Houston Business Cycle Index has decelerated in five of the past six months.
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Regional Growth Slows in First Quarter
Updated: April 30, 2015
Texas economic growth decelerated in the first quarter, with employment expanding at a 0.7 percent annualized rate, down from 4.5 percent in fourth quarter 2014.
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Houston Economic Indicators, April 10, 2015 image
Updated: April 10, 2015
After four consecutive months of deceleration, the Houston Business-Cycle Index accelerated to a rate of 3.3 percent growth in February.
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Regional Economy Moderates
Updated: March 19, 2015
The Texas economy continues to expand, but there are signs that growth is slowing. Some major metro areas have begun to experience slower growth, especially in locations where energy industry jobs make up a large portion of employment
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Houston Economic Indicators, March 12, 2015 image
Updated: March 12, 2015
The Houston Business-Cycle Index increased just 1.1 percent in January after climbing a revised 4.7 percent in December.
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Houston Economic Indicators, February 12, 2015 image
Updated: February 12, 2015
The Houston Business-Cycle Index decelerated to 4.3 percent growth in December after rising a revised 5.8 and 7.2 percent in November and October.
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Regional Outlook: Moderate Growth Ahead
Updated: January 29, 2015
Economic growth in the Eleventh District moderated somewhat as oil prices fell to five-year lows. Oil well permits and the Texas rig count have seen significant declines, and exports have continued to fall.
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Houston Economic Indicators, January 2015 image
Updated: January 8, 2015
The Houston Business-Cycle Index growth rate slowed to 6 percent in November from 7.4 percent in October.


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