About Economic Education

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Economic Education program has always been committed to the goal of producing well-informed citizens. We believe that education holds the key to empowering people to embrace the challenges of a global economy, and succeed within it. Through our support of educators across the Eleventh District, we impact the lives of tens of thousands of students. We remain committed to:

  • Strengthening Communities through Education
    We believe that a strong, educated American workforce is an integral part of a growing economy, and education is the foundation of that growth.  Educated citizens become productive and capable members of their communities. Successful communities strengthen the state, the region and the nation.
  • Enhancing Global Citizenship
    We believe that sound economic decisionmaking is a critical skill of successful global citizens. The 21st century will be defined by the continued integration of world economies and Americans must engage locally, nationally and globally.
  • Focusing on Educators
    We believe that the most effective way to impact students is to support educators and their critical work in our nation’s classrooms. By providing resources and professional development opportunities, we can help to ensure that students are well prepared to succeed in the economy.
  • Providing Quality Scholarship
    We believe that providing relevant and timely content based on quality scholarship leads to better understanding of important policy issues. We are committed to addressing these issues through thoughtful programming.


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