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FR2644 Reporting Tools

FR 2644 data are used to analyze current banking and monetary conditions. Aggregate data from the FR 2644 are published in the weekly statistical release entitled Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United Sates—

Eliminate filing paper copies of FR 2644 forms and avoid common submission errors by entering FR 2644 data directly into the FR 2644 reporting form on the Dallas Fed's secure website.

FR 2644 (Weekly Report of Selected Assets and Liabilities)

FR 2644 Analysts Contact Information

  • Angelica Fast
    Email | 214-922-6585
  • Stefan McNeil
    Email | 214-922-6321
  • Linzi Mathew
    Email | 214-922-5421
  • Erin Kessler
    Email | 214-922-5080
  • Andrea Willis
    Email | 214-922-5413

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